About Sparrow vale

5Sparrow Vale, a stay by the lake where you can relax n rejuvenate in the lap of mother earth with breathtaking views. One could get a mesmerizing and seldom seen effect of nature complimented with birds, waterlilies and mountains. A painting just by the ‘Creator’ himself, a visual appeal you would cherish. The last word in tranquility, adventure and fun. Sparrow Vale -a stay by the lake is an adobe to the largest treasure of bird habitat in peninsular India, Thattekad. An ideal place for nature lovers and enthusiasts of any age group. Experience a visual treat and sweet melody to the ears in the ‘only one of its kind’ birds sanctuary in Kerala architected by the famous ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali with over 253 species of fowls, attracting nature freaks world wide come and experience the bountiful experience of mother nature, confide in her, explore that soul stirring moment and take refuge in her.
Comfortable stay, a morning walk through the village, lush greenery, exchanging views and learning a new language and culture, building friendship and memories that will last for a lifetime, make your holiday a treat from mother nature. You find yourself getting high on spirits, in perfect unison with nature and its pristine beauty. The breath taking views kindle the romantic in you, gets you in that perfect mood and love blooms. Being close to the nature puts a spirit of youth in you.